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Stickman vs Stickaman : Shotgun Shooting

Ignite the engine and fasten your seatbelt, it’s going to be crazier than ever.

The Knights brings a nonstop mind boggling racing game: Racing Ferocity 3D, exclusively for this run. Get in the cockpit of your favorite sports car and take control of the wheel as it is going to be a ride unimagined. Dismantle and encroach Racing Ferocity and feel the high gravity pull. Your cars are not bound to ride slow and sluggish.

Racing Ferocity has 5 different exciting modes to test your amazing driving & racing skills. Each racing mode tests your nerves & is one of its kind in this game.

Key Features

Multiple Driving Control Settings Diverse Challenges and Perky-Gameplay Futuristic High Performance Cars Attractive Story-line in a Single Highway Nimble Handling with Swift Car-Drive Experience Realistic Sharp 3D Graphics

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